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Timberland Products

Timberland Eye WearIf you are an outdoorsy type of person, then you will already know that the Timberland company offers some of the best rugged, outdoor gear that you can find. Known for their awesome boots, clothing and accessories – including eye wear!  The Timberland headquarters was once located in Stratham, New Hampshire. Nathan Swartz founded the company back in 1973 and he had started his career as an apprentice shoe stitcher in Boston, Massachusetts in 1918. Over time, Nathan Swartz continued to follow his passion for shoes and later his children started working with him to create the Timberland company as we know it today. Timberland released its first line of waterproof boots to the world which become very popular – and continue to be to this day.

Timberland’s Boot Line Roots

Nathan Swartz really knew high quality so much that he combined forces with Goodyear to create rugged soles that could deal with harsh weather conditions. A perfect marriage of Goodyear rubber along with polyurethane, helped create the soles that Timberland uses in all of their footwear. The Swartz’s were never huge on marketing but thanks to an Italian distributor (Giuseppe Veronesi) who purchased 3,000 pair of boots for the well-dressed Italian’s, all of a sudden Timberland became world famous.

More Product Lines

The company  offers different products in which everyone in the family can enjoy, from boots to outdoor hiking gear and everything in between, Timberland is an American company that is here to stay. From work boots to stylish footwear, sandals, backpacks, glasses and sunglasses and more, is you are looking for long lasting comfort and style – choose Timberland products.

Timberland Eye Wear, Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses

Timberland Eyeglasses and Eye wear provide unparalleled comfort and durability with each frame design. Technological advancements create optimal optical performance, seamlessly blending cool fashion with unequaled performance.

Shop for Prada Glasses at Jackson Davenport

Prada is a company that has been around since the early 190os (1913 to be exact) and people recognize the brand rather quickly. The name is synonymous with fine Italian design, luxurious style, and highly sophisticated workmanship. Founded by Mario Prada, his eye for fashion is second to none. Milan has produced some of the finest designs from handbags, to jewelry, glasses and sunglasses, to shoes – Italy is just known for exquisite taste! These  items were and still are used by the European elite, and Prada is still to this day, highly desired by those worldwide.

The Prada Product Lines

Prada eye-wear, glasses and sunglasses

In the beginning years and through the 70s, the company began to grow and manufacture more goods. From designer luggage and handbags, to offering some of the finest clothing and accessories to date. Their products are not going anywhere as long as people care about fashion. Their sunglasses are beautiful and there really is no other way to describe them. Offering unique styles, frame shape and lens color – other manufacturers and companies always look to their fashionable eye-wear to help them think of their own ideas for glasses.  Unmistakable style, sophisticated elegance and uncompromising quality – Prada is the pinnacle of Italian fashion.

The Ideal Customer for Prada

Their goods are not “inexpensive” by any means and receiving Prada gift or purchasing an item that sports the Prada label, will be greatly cherished for many years to come. Any fashionista will quickly tell you that Prada is desired and they will more than likely at least have one item, if not plenty in their homes to prove it. Their goods are only comprised and made of the finest materials that money can buy and everything they offer will last for many years to come.

From every famous runway models to royalty, have worn Prada. It has graced the runways and magazine covers for many years, will continue to, and many people love Prada.


We are a 3rd generation family business with locations in Charleston SC and Summerville  SC,we have been serving the LOWCOUNTRY’S EYE CARE needs for more than 50 years. Please call or visit us in the near future, we are eager to help you see better.

Find Ocean Pacific | OP Prescription Sunglasses and Glasses in Charleston SC

ocean pacific | OP glasses and sunglasses op_logo_30107Originally just a surfboard label, now OP (Ocean Pacific) is synonymous with all things that have to do with surfing. From surfboards, to apparel, sunglasses and accessories.  John Smith is responsible for the start-up of this brand and the initial impact that it made. From the 1960s on the company switched hands several times, and all the new owners added a new product lines. Early in 1972 (Jim Jenks) established the clothing line; making the brand widely popular. Jenks’ forward thinking made this company into a powerhouse.

Great Marketing?

In the beginning the line served the surfer crowd, but once the OP label become known, it spread like wildfire.  Was it just awesome marketing? Ocean Pacific’s success is a combination of great ideas and meshing them with what was in high demand at the time.  The brand essentially started just selling items out of a ding repair shop, the OP brand can now be easily found in most of the big box retailers, and Walmart.

Ocean Pacific | OP Eye-wear

The Ocean Pacific Eye-wear collection features prescription frames for the whole family in fully rimmed , semi-rimless and rimless designs. Ocean Pacific glasses and sunglasses are available in plastic or metal fashion styles. You can find Ocean Pacific prescription glasses at Jackson Davenport Vision.

Their eye-wear is also very reasonably priced, whether you need a new bathing suit for the upcoming warmer months or if you just want some cool new sunglasses to protect your eyes – Ocean Pacific will have something that you will just absolutely love.


We are a 3rd generation family business with locations in Charleston SC and Summerville  SC,we have been serving the LOWCOUNTRY’S EYE CARE needs for more than 50 years. Please call or visit us in the near future, we are eager to help you see better.

Shop for Prescription Calvin Klein Glasses and Sunglasses in Charleston SC

Calvin KleinOne huge name in the fashion eye-wear industry is Calvin Klein, who has been around since 1968. Calvin Klein founded his company in New York, and Manhattan is home of their headquarters. Calvin’s initial investment was $10,000, where he released his first line of youthful clothing which included dresses and coats. Only a year later, his items were showcased on the front cover of Vogue Magazine.

And So It Begins…

Once the 70s hit is when the sportswear started to be released, as well as, blazer, and lingerie. Calvin Klein started to begin winning many awards and gaining much recognition for his style, products and quickly the revenue began to blow up. Most everyone can remember the ads campaigns for the Calvin Klein underwear and this soon led to Calvin Klein being named as “America’s Top Fashion Designer.” Not only a great fashion designing, but also a very charismatic character who is able to reach his target audience and reel them in for more. Now a part of the PVH Corp., one of the largest apparel companies in the world. Sharing the likes of other top brands – Calvin Klein is here to stay.

About the Calvin Klein Product Lines

Offering something for everyone in the family, there is no stone that Calvin Klein left unturned. He made a little bit of everything…and did it really well! From sportswear to swimwear, prescription eyewear, fragrances and everything in between – you will be sure to find something with the Calvin Klein label in every home across America.

Calvin Klein eyewear designs blend minimalism with complexity through the use of sophisticated colorations, discrete embellishments and architectural detailing.

The Ideal Calvin Klein Customer

When you think of Calvin Klein, and depending on your age at this current moment – you may think of what best suits your needs and style. Once thought of as a ‘younger’ brand, Calvin Klein offers quite a nice line of corporate and dress apparel as well. As mentioned before, there is going to be something that suits everyone’s taste. Calvin Klein has done an amazing job at creating designer glasses, clothing and apparel for decades and the look has proven to be timeless, great, American fashion.

Find DKNY Glasses at Jackson Davenport Vision

Have you heard of DKNY or at least seen the logo somewhere? Chances are, even if you lived in the middle of nowhere – you have some idea of DKNY. Donna Karen worked at the Anne Klein company for 15 years and ten of those fifteen she was the head of it. Donna Karen and her late husband were given an opportunity and seized the moment – and the rest has been history! Based out of New York, the Donna Karen Company has been offering apparel, accessories, fragrances and more for many years.

About Their Product Lines

DKNY as a whole entire company offers great products that everyone in the family can enjoy. From awesome clothes, to quality eye-wear designs and nicely manufactured goods. The quality of their products is great and you are getting exactly what you are paying for. One of the best things about DKNY glasses is that they have teamed up with the Target Corporation and you can now purchase their items in your local Target store.  You can also find DKNY glasses and sunglasses in Charleston SC at Jackson Davenport!

DKNY Glasses and Style Factors

DKNY Glasses and sunglasses

Style…is no factor with DKNY products – they exude style! Their sunglasses, prescription glasses and eye-wear line is just absolutely stunning. They offer various different styles, frames, colors and lenses all of which have their own unique style and flare. You can find them at Jackson Davenport Vision Centers.  Depending on your face shape and what exactly you are looking for, you will never have to worry about not being able to find something that suites your personal taste. Even the prescription glasses are something to notice which helps wearing glasses to become very stylish and cool these days.


We are a 3rd generation family business with locations in Charleston SC and Summerville  SC,we have been serving the LOWCOUNTRY’S EYE CARE needs for more than 50 years. Please call or visit us in the near future, we are eager to help you see better.

 Chronic Dry Eye and the Affects on Your Vision

dry eye information Charleston SC

Dry eye is an eye condition where the eye does not tear up properly. This can be either when the eye cannot produce tears properly of, the tears that are produced are in such small increments that they evaporate before being able to properly lubricate the eye as they should. When people do suffer from dry eye, there may be a great deal of inflammation in the area, and this persistent dryness can lead to other issues such as, ulcers, loss of vision, pain and scarring of the cornea.

Cannot Enjoy ‘Regular’ Activities for Extended Periods of Time

For those individuals who suffer from the dry eye condition, they may have difficulty performing regular every day activities such as reading, sitting on the computer and browsing the Internet, traveling on an airplane and/or being able to tolerate any type of dryer environment. There are a few different types of dry eye and it may go by different names, while each different type of dry eye has its own different symptoms.

Different Methods of Treatment

Depending on the severity of the dry eye, there are different treatment methods that can be taken. It is important to always address the issue sooner than later, so severe vision loss and/or damage does not take effect. If your eyes are becoming irritated, you feel a burning sensation or things just don’t seem ‘normal’ giving a call to your local ophthalmologist only takes a couple minutes and can save you vision. Generally, you will be prescribed eye drops and prescription medications to take care of the condition. If it is more chronic, then a different care plan will be discussed between you and your ophthalmologist.

It is never suggested to just wait until you are in pain to call upon an eye doctor. You should have your eyes checked at least once a year to help minimize any long-term damaging effects of various conditions that can occur with your eyesight.



We are a 3rd generation family business with locations in Charleston SC and Summerville  SC,we have been serving the LOWCOUNTRY’S EYE CARE needs for more than 50 years. Please call or visit us in the near future, we are eager to help you see better.

Stylish Ralph Lauren Glasses

Certainly the name Ralph Lauren eyewear is not unknown, and whether you consider yourself fashion forward or not – at least at some point in your life, you’ve come across something that was create by Ralph Lauren. Whether it is shoes, Polo shirts, sunglasses or jeans, the Ralph Lauren brand does not stop there. We are going to go over Ralph Lauren glasses in this article.

Ralph Lauren started his glasses collection over four decades ago, and as soon as his stuff hit the market – it hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped. He has essentially been solely responsible for redefining what we like to call ‘the American Style’ where every item and article of clothing manufactured…makes a statement – is timeless, and is something to be admired. Ralph Lauren glasses make the same statement and a bold statement at that.

About the Ralph Lauren Glasses & Sunglasses Line

Whether you require prescription glasses or are just looking for stylish eyewear, Ralph Lauren will have something to match your personal taste. They offer a wide variety of different lens shapes that include heart, oblong, square, round and oval. From tortoise shell colors to solid black, wire frames and more – there really isn’t any type or style of glasses that you can think of that Ralph Lauren hasn’t come up with himself. Lens colors is also another option that is widely available to you to choose which color you prefer the best. All of them are different and offer a different ‘outlook’ for you.

Ralph Lauren Style Factors

For any of those who like to consider themselves stylish – Ralph Lauren glasses and sunglasses are definitely up your alley. Nothing says stylish more than a pair of Ralph Lauren glasses. They are timeless fashion pieces that have boosted him to be an American icon in the fashion industry.  You can find Ralph Lauren eyewear at Jackson Davenport.


We are a 3rd generation family business with locations in Charleston SC and Summerville  SC,we have been serving the LOWCOUNTRY’S EYE CARE needs for more than 50 years. Please call or visit us in the near future, we are eager to help you see better.

Oakley Glasses Ultimate in Style

oakley glasses and sunglasses

The Oakley Sunglass company is an American based company out of the sunny state of California. Not only do they have some of the best sunglasses that you can find, but they offer a wide range of sports performance products as well. James Jannard began the company in the year of 1975, and the crazy thing is – his initial investment towards his idea was $300. His dog’s name happened to be Oakley Anne and that is where he got the name for the company. The company began by him attending motorcycle/motocross events and he started selling motorcycle grips out of the truck of his vehicle. The unique material that he utilized is called Unobtanium and is still used currently for the sunglass socks to date. Beginning in 1980 is when he released the first Oakley googles, the classic “O” frame that people grew to love, quickly. By 1995 when the company went public – they accumulated a whopping $230M…not too shabby!

About the Oakley Glasses Product Lines

Oakley has continued to grow over the years and now offer an extensive line of outerwear and sports performance gear. These items include sunglasses of course, as well as, watches, apparel, snowboard/ski goggles, visors, shoes and more.  To give you a better idea – the Oakley company holds over 600 patents for their glasses, performance gear and materials. The products created and designed by Jannard has certainly changed the face of performance gear and sunglasses. While being very stylish – all the products are extremely functional as well. Honestly, they are a perfect combination of functionality and style, hence being so popular still fifty years later.

Oakley Style Factors

Really exuding sunwear and glasses styles that can accommodate anyone’s taste – this mogul is unstoppable. Sponsoring the Olympic team in 2012, Oakley is a household name that people recognize immediately. Depending on what you are looking for, will help you determine which Oakley products will be best for you. There are many different styles, lenses, shapes and sizes available to choose from. Whether you require prescription glasses or just want some awesome goggles when you go snowboarding – Oakley is a brand that everyone loves to wear. All the performance apparel is rather comfortable, the materials breathe and new styles for every item are released yearly.



We are a 3rd generation family business with locations in Charleston SC and Summerville  SC,we have been serving the LOWCOUNTRY’S EYE CARE needs for more than 50 years. Please call or visit us in the near future, we are eager to help you see better.

Eye Wear Fashions for the New Year

eye wear fashions

Looking to learn more about this year’s eye weary fashions? Who would’ve ever thought that eye wear would become so fashionable? Glasses have come a very long way over the years and continue to change with the times, now offering shapes and styles to suit even the most fashion forward people. Many trends come and go and here is a quick review of what 2016 has in store for eye wear/glasses fashion.

Natural & Calming Colors

Inspired by elements of nature and Scandinavian design, natural hues in tones of pale blue, dusty grey, and hazy taupe evoke a clean minimalist look and soothing feel. These muted, neutral colors evoke simplicity and comfort.



Dark is in! In all actuality that is pretty cool too because the UV protection has gone up on the glasses as well. Darker lenses offer some sort of mystique for any of those that decide to wear them as well – this could be due to the fact that the eyes can be so revealing and in darker colored lenses – you are unable to see them.

Thick and Colorful Frames

Here we go, back to the once thought of  uncool thick frame, has also made a comeback! With a thick frame, everything is accentuated and the uniqueness of the colors allows whomever to add their own special flare as well. Colors can enhance an outfit, your facial features, add a special touch or just put a smile on someone else’s face. These type of glasses are fun and who says you can’t buy a pair of glasses to match every color of the rainbow?

Many of the upcoming fashions aren’t necessarily ‘new’ but rather just making a comeback in a large way. More and more people are opting to wear glasses now versus the contacts because they have become more stylish over the years.



We are a 3rd generation family business with locations in Charleston SC and Summerville  SC,we have been serving the LOWCOUNTRY’S EYE CARE needs for more than 50 years. Please call or visit us in the near future, we are eager to help you see better.

Tips for Driving and Seeing at Night Time

driving at night time

Driving at night time can be very dangerous, especially if you aren’t properly prepared for it. While some people may just not like driving at night time, there are a few pointers to consider that may help ease your fear and anxiety about night time driving. Never mind the fact the other driver’s lights and reflections off of signs can hurt your eyes, your depth perception is naturally off, your peripheral vision is not as keen as it would be in more light, and the darkness tends to make you more tired than you think.

Aim Your Headlights

It is important to aim your headlights prior to taking a long night time drive. Even if they came straight from the factory, they may be pointing downwards which does not do you much justice at night time. If you are going to attempt this yourself, you should just check out your instructions manual for the proper way to adjust the lights. This may take a little time to check and make sure the light beams are aimed correctly, but will help significantly when you are driving during the night.

Dim Your Interiors While Driving

Dimming your interior lights helps as well, it allows you to focus more on the road in front of you and lessens the chance of your peripherals focusing on things other than outside. There is no need for any stray distractions while you are driving.

Look for Other Eyes

Be a retina hawk!! Look for the retinas of animals that could be outside. There are always deer, raccoons, possums, etc. that will be wandering around at night time and the sooner you can train yourself to spot their retinas the better.

One of the last pointers we can leave you with that will help you with your night time driving is to never look into the oncoming lights – you may find it easier to look at the lines on the road on the opposite side (to your right in the United States) to keep you in your lane until the vehicle passes. The more you practice, the less ‘scary’ and unsafe your night time driving will become!


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